Find anything that matters,
from keys to phone.

Keep all your things safe

Whether you need it to be inside your wallet, hanging from your keys, or attached to your passport, Lapa fits perfectly into your life, your style and your things.

Relax and stay attached to your things

Lapa alerts you whenever you and your things get separated. It's also great for restless kids and hyperactive pets.

Lapa Lapa
Lapa Lapa

Still can't find it? Ask for help

Report it as lost, so that your friends, family, and the Lapa community can help you find it.

Lapa Lapa Lapa


33 x 33 x 5 mm
Replaceable Battery
1 year battery life
LED Light
90db Sound
Water Resistant

Corporate gifts

Keep your clients attached to your brand - get to know more about Lapa's corporative pack.