Find anything that matters,
from keys to phone.

"Received my 3 lapa's a few months ago. Been comparing with some other brands on the market, and find this one suits my needs- forgetting my keys, leaving my phone behind and having the added bonus of putting one on my pooch and if he gets lost I activate as being lost and other lapa users can help me find him is great."

Norleen Slack

"Today I received 3 Lapas. They are well made and they work fine. Stand waiting it was worth it. Congratulations to the entire team for a job well done. Thank you!"

Maurizio Pizzichi

"They are working superb, i am very satisfied!!! Cheers"

Helmut Berger

"I received my 9 Lapas and they are just awesome! Great product I’m very satisfied!"

Marco Bellino

"Works out of the box, no fuss, no problems. Congrats!’"

Miguel Ribeiro

Find your things quickly

Attach Lapa to your things and find them using sound and light.

Lapa Lapa

One app to rule them all

One account, unlimited Lapas, accessible through any device. Share access with friends so that they scan them or check their last seen location.

Compatible with iOS 8.0+ devices & Android 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or superior

Lapa Lapa Lapa

Relax and leave the worrying to Lapa

Safety Mode feature alerts you when you leave something behind. It's also great for kids and pets.

Lapa Lapa
Lapa Lapa

Can't find it? Ask for help

Report it as lost so that your friends, family, and the Lapa community can help you find it

Lapa Lapa Lapa


33 x 33 x 5 mm
Replaceable Battery
1 year battery life
LED Light
90db Sound
Protect your:
keys backpack bicycle wallet camera