Corporate gifts

Your brand deserves the best

Add the logo of your company either on the upper or on the lower side of Lapa and customize its packaging.

What does it bring to the table?

Scan & Beep

Did you misplace your things? Don't worry, use the Scan & Beep feature to find it, through sound and LED Light.

Last Seen Location

Do you want to know where your things was last seen? Lapa takes care of you, as it automatically records its last known GPS position.

Out-of-range alerts

We'll spare you the trouble of the lost & found process. With the Safety Mode, Lapa alerts you if you're about to forget your things.

Satisfied Clients

Great stuff, looks awesome. Thanks for making this work. The Lapas were well received by our customers!


Great example of professionalism! Lapa 2 works great.


They look lovely. It's a fantastic concept.


Thanks for the nice cooperation and the quick replies! We will certainly keep you in mind for upcoming projects.


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