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About Lapa

1. How does it connect to my phone?
Lapa 2 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

2. How many Lapas can one smartphone control?
You can control unlimited Lapas with your Lapa App.

3. What is the range/reach of Lapa 2?
You can Scan & Beep a Lapa up to 200 feet (60m) in line of sight. This distance can be shorter depending on the environment. But because every Lapa you own connects you to the vast Lapa network, you can virtually track it anywhere. Anytime another user passes by your Lapa, they will update its position.

4. How long does Lapa 2's battery last?
Lapa lasts 1 year running on a single battery, with the Lapa App warning you when it's lower than 20%.

5. What kind of battery does Lapa2 use?
Lapa uses a common CR1632 watch battery.

6. Is Lapa 2's battery replaceable?
Yes. To replace the battery, easily detach the bottom case using Lapa's opening mechanism.

7. Is Lapa 2 water resistant?
Yes. Whereas most devices choose between water resistance and a replaceable battery, Lapa's enclosed casing means that there's no need to compromisse, as Lapa 2 is water resistant.

8. How durable is Lapa 2?
Lapa 2 is very robust, built to handle all kind of shock and impact.

9. What mobile devices are compatible with the Lapa App?
iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and running 8.0 or above, and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and running Android 4.3 or above. We test and guarantee compatibility with iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, SE, 7S, 7S+, 8, 8+, X; iPad Mini, iPad 3rd and 4th Gen; iPod Touch 5th Gen; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6Edge, S6Edge+, S7, Note3, Note4; Google Nexus 5, 6; LG G2, G3; HTC One; Sony Xperia Z2, Z3; Moto X.
Due to technical restrictions on the phone, Lapa has problems with Huawei P8 Lite.

10. Is the Android and iPhone App free?
Yes. It's absolutely free and there are no additional charges whatsoever.

11. Can I use multiple phones with my Lapa 2?
Yes. The app is free and you can access your app account on multiple phones.

12. Whilst using Lapa 2 on an iOS system, do I need to activate any special feature?
Yes. So that all Lapa 2’s features work flawlessly on an iOS system, the app ought to always be running on the background.

13. Can I share Lapa 2 with other people?
Yes. You can share any Lapa with as many people as you want.

14. Can other Lapa 2 users scan and track my Lapas?
No. Unless you explicitly decide to share access to your Lapas, or publicly report them as lost, only you can see where they are.

15. Do other Lapa 2 users know when I pass by their Lapas?
No. No user in the Lapa network will know when he or she passes by your Lapas, and neither will you know when you pass by theirs (unless they explicitly share or report their Lapas as lost).

16. When I share a Lapa 2 with someone else may both of us interact with that Lapa 2?
Yes, but not simultaneously.

17. I'm having trouble with the Lapa App. What should I do?
Example: I'm just a few feet away from my Lapa and the Scan in the App keeps saying "Connecting…", what should I do? First, try these basic troubleshooting steps: Make sure no other account is connected to your Lapa. Make sure no one with whom you shared a Lapa is connected to it. Disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth. Restart your smartphone. Open your Lapa, remove the battery and place it back in. If it doesn't beep and flash, the battery may be dead. Make sure you always have the latest version of the App installed. If the problem persists, contact us at support@findlapa.com

About Payment & Shipping

1. Which payment options are available to me?
We accept payments made with the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro.

2. Where does Lapa ship to?
Lapa is shipped worldwide.

3. How long does it take until my order gets shipped?
Preparation for delivery usually takes 5 business days.

4. Can you tell me what the transit time after shipment is?
The estimated delivery time depends on the destination:
Portugal - 1 to 3 business days (except for Madeira and Azores -3 to 5 business days)
Europe - 7 to 13 business days
Rest of the World - 10 to 18 business days
However, because the majority of deliveries are handled by domestic postal services, a precise date for the transit time after shipment can't be given. Once the package arrives in your country, after passing through the local customs agency, it is up to your local postal service to take it from there and deliver your package to you.

5. Can you provide tracking numbers for packages?
Yes, all orders can be tracked. Once an order is shipped, you'll receive a confirmation email and a tracking number. Nevertheless, you can insert your code and track your order through this link.

6. What happens when an order is returned to sender because of incorrect address or missed delivery?
You'll be contacted and charged the price of re-shipping. If you don't want your package to be re-shipped and wish to cancel the order, you will be refunded for the order, minus the shipping charge.

7. My order is taking more time than usual to arrive. What should I do?
Please be aware that shipping may take up to 20 working days. Because our courier doesn't have official representation in all countries, there might be a hiatus in the update of the order's location while it is in transit inside the destination country or if it's being held by customs. If the transit time is exceeded, please contact us at support@findlapa.com so that we can contact CTT to find your parcel.

8. I want to place a bulk order. What should I do?
If you wish to place a bulk order, please contact us at team@findlapa.com

About Returns

1. Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order at any time before it's shipped.

2. How can I exchange/repair a faulty item?
Should you receive any items that prove to be faulty, please contact us via support@findlapa.com with a full description of the problem and if a replacement is needed instructions will be provided. We will exchange units with manufacturing defects and damage, excluding situations caused by misuse or accident. You are responsible for the cost of returning the item to us (you will not be charged for the shipping of the replacement) and it is your responsibility to ensure safe return of the item.

3. How can I return an incorrect, faulty or damaged item bought from a third-party seller?
We are unable to initiate a cancellation, replacement or refund for items sold by third-party sellers. You should contact the entity from which you bought the item.