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How it works

Overcoming all obstacles to keep your Kids safe

Crowdsourced GPS

Find your kid with the help
of the Lapa community

Find your kid with the help of the Lapa community

Water resistant

IP64 rating to resist
the rainy days

IP64 rating to resist rainy days

One year battery

Replaceable watch cell
battery lasting 9-12 months

CR1632 lasts 9-12 months

Fits all sizes

Only 34x34x5,6mm to fit all
your loved ones

34x34x5,6mm to fit your loved ones

Sharing is caring

Share your Lapas with
your friends and family

Share your Lapas with everyone

LED and sound

White LED and 90dB sound to
find your things day and night

White LED and 90dB sound

How Lapa improves people's lives

Alarm is the best

Alarm is the best

“Love the new alarm function! It’ll definitely help if my son elopes in a store or other busy place.”

Tadeusz Krupa, Krakow, Poland

Function and style

Function and style

“I just love how Lapa is discreet enough not to block his fashion. Very useful on holiday season when beach is crowded."

Sophia Ambrosio, Rome, Italy

Stress is gone

Stress is gone

“My son just started his first day of school. It’s a huge relief. My stress and anxiety was reduced thanks to this ingenious tracker.

Kenneth Hill, Manchester, UK

Playing safely

Playing safely

“There’s nothing like checking up on your child and see him/her playing safely. Thank you for such a great tracker."

Carla Lorenzo, Barcelona, Spain