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How it works

Overcoming all obstacles to keep your pet safe

Crowdsourced GPS

Rely on the help of the Lapa
community of 150k users

Rely on the Lapa community's help

Water resistant

IP64 rating to resist
the rainy days

IP64 rating to resist rainy days

One year battery

Replaceable watch cell
battery lasting 9-12 months

CR1632 lasts 9-12 months

Fits all sizes

Only 34x34x5,6mm to fit all
your loved ones

34x34x5,6mm to fit all your loved ones

Sharing is caring

Share your Lapas with
your friends and family

Share your Lapas with everyone

LED and sound

White LED and 90dB sound to
find your things day and night

White LED and 90dB sound

How Lapa improves people's lives

Amazing tracker

Amazing tracker

"I was always stressed out I couldn’t find Zoe, because she is small and runs a lot. Now I just use Lapa"

Nicole Bennett, London, UK

Money worth

Money worth

“Very ease to use and set up. My dog has a lot of energy so now I feel much safe when I got to the park."

Sara Novais, Aveiro, Portugal

Totally recommend

Totally recommend

This was a great investement. Sends notifications to my phone when my cat leaves the perimeter.”

A., Athens, Greece

Great product

Great product

“Super useful My dog is highly prey driven so having this tracker gives me peace of mind.”

Lea Hermann, Munich, Germany